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Beauty Trips Out is the working title that I gave to a collection of songs from Jonathan Cope and David Cooksey. they were recorded in our late teens, and early twenties the end of the seventies in various international locations including Beyer Close, Canning Road, Argyle Street and Albert Road !keeping it local!

when thr links appear, please bear in mind tharthey are large mp3 files, so it may take a few minutes before they start playing in a browser. alternatively, right click the link s and select "save link as" to make a local copy of each mp3 . if you would prefer an audio cd quality recording and prefer to save your data download limit, send an email to me and i'll burn one and post it along with a small booklet. cheers... David  dcooksey@lfata.org.uk

I'm working on a small 8 page booklet with lyrics and info it will be here as soon as i have finished it


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24/03/2018 11:33 3,763,195 04 Open-Air-.mp3
23/03/2018 11:32 4,858,318 06-Pebbles-in-my-Skull,mp3

24/03/2018 11:37 3,935,578 05 Precious-Buildings.mp3

23/03/2018 11:46 7,449,666 07 - Undefeated-_orig_.mp3
24/03/2018 11:39 7,573,923 08 - A-Sign-of-Weakness.mp3
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Links are now working for the collection of songs from Jonathan Cope and David Cooksey. in the meantime, if you would like a free copy of the audio CD send a request by email to me at dcooksey@lfata.org.uk

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