a few years ago, I did a short introduction to stained glass at one of the facilities in Derby University and I loved it.

half of the fun was trying to cut/manipulate the small glass pieces without buggering it up, it teaches patience and how to say b*gger, instad of f*** when you break

a piece of glass that you have been working on for hours.

I had another love, that was for electronics, especially vintage electronics, i had always been interested in valve television sets and the use of testcards to align/test them, so as i was a nerd, i had been collecting test card images from all over the world and i thought that they would make brilliant stained glass pieces of art

but... as i am now down to one working arm, cutting glass is almost an impossibility, however due to my stubbornness, i have decided to go ahead anyway, but using acrylic/perspex instead of glass, i'll still be using lead and solder for the frame, i also started with a pencil sketch of the memorable  BBC testcard  girl, which i will  recreate using glass paint

for the finished centre piece